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        Hi, I am Seenu (Srinivasan.R), Age 21, Studied B.E(ECE-2014) Anna University. My First Website is Skyfree.in ,In This Website is Created by June 2013. I am not Think about to Create this type of website. But,How i Get Idea to Create This Website ? To Contiue the Reading….!

Before the Website Start,

              I like Programming and Webscripting. So, I learn some Programming on Computer Classes , There Are Expensive but, not Effective. Many Computer Centres are Also Doing the Same thing.
I Learn Many Things from Youtube. It is Great One, of the Internet.

           The Programming Languages Mostly in English. So, That time i made Few Tutorials in Tamil , like Xhtml and Photoshop. when i upload  That Tutorials in Youtube. The Viewers are Very Rare, only 30 to 50 Views per Month, After i Make a Tutorials i learned. It is Continued  Many Months. The Viewers Are Also Increased. Many People are Like my Tutorials and They are Encraged me.  So, I Desired To Make  Free Tamil Tutorials Website. That Website Name is Called SKYFREE.IN

After Skyfree,

            I Created My First Website Skyfree.in. It is Completely Free Online Computer Based Tutorials Website. My Youtube
Viewers and Subscripers Are Increased Day to Day. Some Peoples Called me SKYFREE SEENU. I like That Name.   So, I Changed
My Youtube Channel Name SKYFREE SEENU.

         Many Peoples are Asking Me What is the meaning of Skyfree ?, But there is No Meaning, I love Space ReSearch,
So i Registered My Website Domain Name Skyfree.in. Later I Think , Skyfree is Not Suitable for Tamil tutorials. So
i Registered My New Domain Called TAMILTUTORIALS.IN

         Skyfree is Giving a Free Online Tutorials. But This Online Method is Not Comfortable for All. Many people are Asking Me
“How To Buy Your Tutorials DVD ? “. I Don’t Like That, Because Education is Not a Business. So, I Desired to Make A Download
Option in My Website. i Upload Again My Tutorials For Free Download.

          I Made This, on My New Website[WWW.TAMILTUTORIALS.IN]. So, I Think This Website is useful For Many Peoples.
Know My Aim is To Be Continue This Free Education For All People. This is My Little [Boooring]Story. You Can Contact Me on My Mail Id.

Email : seenu.wap@gmail.com You Can Also Contact me on Using Contact Form.

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  1. Satheesh says:

    hi seenu,
    I saw ur tutorial videos, its very useful and easy to understand. i m working in .net domain in fresher. can u make video tutorials for .net basics SQL server.

    Thank you

  2. Rajan says:

    Hai Seenu!

    I am so much of happy to learning from your site. it’s very easy to understand. very proud of you and no worlds to say more.. beautiful job.. keep it up :)

  3. B. Vignesh Kumar says:

    My Contact form cannot be worked. How to Connected Email SMTP Server. Please give me solution…

  4. shafi (sri Lanka) says:

    hi seenu brother i am so happy to inform that i have learnt lots of thing from your site such as wed site designing etc.. so very thank you. i wish this your noble services because there are some people they wish to learn but have no much time to go to the classes so this your services will to those people.
    thanks a lot.

  5. naga. says:

    good job keep it. u r very great and doing best thing. i think , u do more help to every one in their life with out expectation. good good.

  6. I am learning webdevelopment which cost of 9000.
    But here all are free!!! and ofcourse easy
    I am very thankfull to you.
    peace be upon you.
    great job!!!!

  7. Shan (Srilanka ) says:

    I saw ur tutorial videos, its very useful and easy to understand. very proud of you and no worlds to say more.. beautiful job.. keep it up

  8. vinoth (+919500867603) says:

    hi.annnan ..en peru vinoth ……….unga tutorial enku roma usefulla iruku….

    nan unga adobe after effect paathen romba easy yaaa iruku… thanks annna

    annna …..nan intel i3 sony vaio pc use panren…..yappa paathalum en computer slow vaavae iruku …….ennna pannnalam…

  9. Anand says:

    hi seenu i am relay so happy for your tamil video .so continue it.all the best.

  10. Anand says:

    hai thank for this videos.plz upload something about hacking.

  11. Anand says:

    hi seenu please upload this file in torrent

  12. Rajendiran says:

    Please upload linux opensource programming.

  13. Aman says:

    Hi Seenu,
    Just watched your java tutorials and read about you. What an amazing thought you have as don’t want to do the business in education. Absolutely correct and wishing you from bottom of my heart to achieve a greater heights…


  14. mohamed ali fathima says:

    u are a great person

  15. ganesan says:

    sir i want your all tutorial videos

  16. Arunkumar says:

    hi seenu i like your opinion i am also interest computer programming and webdisgning
    your tutorial all i am watched, and i am completed ug degree bsc physics and i am continue studying Mca Cross major

  17. Surya B says:

    Hi Seenu, i am Surya your videos awesome and i gain some knowledge due to you..very very thankful.

  18. balamurugan says:

    Hi seenu, your tutorial is very useful. thank you. I need your help. I want to learn PHP.pls help me… when you will free pls chat my number:9710808413.

    With warm regards,

  19. Saqib says:

    Hi bro iam a ethical hacker and ur paython videos is very useful to my hacking purpose so thks u so much bro

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