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  1. naren says:

    Hai why you using
    + symbol using before printing statement…
    System.out.print(“a==b=” +(a==b)); in this line +(a==b) what is the use of this + symbol i can’t understand this could u tell clearly.. thanku by naren

    • seenu seenu says:

      “a==b=”->This is String (Sentense), like “HelloWorld”.
      (a==b)-> This is an Expression.,
      we can print some value or String (sentence) without + symbol,
      System.out.print(“X Value”);->Correct format
      System.out.print(x);->Correct format

      But, we Can’t print string(sentense) and expression without + symbol,
      System.out.print(“X value”x);-> Error

      so, we used + symbol for joing the “a==b=” and (a==b)

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